VoIP Systems

Get a powerful VoIP / PBX system for your business or home at affordable prices.
Save on your current call cost by up to 40%!
Finance options available to suit your needs!

Techtrix have a wide spectrum of products, ranging from VoIP and PBX systems such as 3CX , hosting, connectivity, installations , multiple voice platforms with unbeatable voice rates!
We will build your complete solution for you and we can build an additional revenue stream for you at no additional cost!
With Techtrix Voice-Over-IP, you can significantly drop the cost of your call charges. Our phone systems and connection solutions utilise world class equipment and we follow best practice in service delivery when it comes to our clients and their telecommunication needs.
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will ensure you have Crystal Clear HD Voice while reducing your phone call costs by up to 40%. Improved customer experience is within your grasp with an on-site or cloud-based VoIP solution.
We have state of the art connectivity options!

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